Is It Time for You to Hire a Home Siding Contractor?

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Siding plays an integral role in keeping your home dry, insulated, and protected from outdoor elements. When your home’s siding begins to show signs of damage, weathering, or mold & mildew, it may need replacement. So, turn to a professional home siding repair service to ensure that the new material is installed properly and promptly.


HB Home Services provides quality home improvement services to homeowners in Arlington, VA. We offer several services for home interior and exterior, including door installation, window replacement, deck renovation, siding replacement, and more. When we install siding on your home, we pair quality workmanship with high-efficiency products for protection and longevity. Contact us at (703) 764-0498 today.


Below, we outline the signs that indicate you need a home siding contractor:


Warped siding is a clear and impressive sign of damage. Yet small cracks can evade detection and may require close inspection. Take a look around your home for any damaged siding. If you find damage, check to see whether the material underneath is soft or other signs of deterioration abound.


Weathering, such as faded appearance, indicates that your siding has worn down. Although fading alone doesn’t lend itself to damage, it conveys that your home’s exterior has become susceptible to damage due to ongoing wear and tear. Additionally, siding that requires frequent paint jobs also tends to be suffering from the elements. In this instance, fresh paint will peel or chip within 2-3 years rather than staying fresh for several more. 

Mold & Mildew

Water damage that results in mold and mildew constitutes a sure sign that your siding needs replacement. These issues often stem from improper siding installation, which allows water to rot the materials beneath it. Keep an eye out for blistering and bubbling, as these indicate the problem’s presence.


You may notice water damage inside your home as well. Peeling paint, water stains, and buckling are all signs that exterior water damage has infiltrated your home’s interior. 

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A proud provider of high-quality home siding repair and replacement, HB Home Services is dedicated to our craft and has decades of experience improving homes throughout Arlington, VA. Our team values excellent communication, timely completion, and reliable workmanship. We offer a 5-year, 100% labor and replacement warranty on our siding products and services. Contact us through our website or at (703) 764-0498.