Plan Your Patio Now And Host a Barbecue By Memorial Day

Patio Planning for the Summer Season

Memorial Day weekend represents the unofficial start of the summer. Kids get the day off from school and businesses are mostly closed – it’s the perfect time to gather around a new patio and celebrate. Why not host your own get-together this year on a brand-new patio?

Benefits of a Spring Patio Renovation

Imagine watching the fireflies dance as the longer days fade away into evening. You’re sitting on your new patio with a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Make this image a reality with a new patio that brings the living experience outdoors. Spring patio renovation projects give homeowners the ability to:

  • Plan landscaping around patio planning. Allow all your yardwork to come together into one warm weather vision before the warmest days of summer hit. Landscaping and hardscaping belong together.
  • Enjoy the fullness of the season. If you start a patio renovation in summer or fall, you may have to wait an entire season before you can enjoy the outcome.
  • Get the party started. Bring friends, family, and neighbors together to celebrate your new patio and enjoy more opportunities for social and community interaction.

Top Patio Planning Considerations

Get the ball rolling for your patio renovation with our checklist of ideas:

  • Railing, post, and cap details. Check out ideas online for materials, configurations, and styles.
  • New builds vs. resurfacing. Will you start from scratch or work with materials already present?
  • Get the right people onboard. Talk to the local government for permits, your HOA, and utilities companies for patio planning approvals.

Spring offers the perfect temperature and time of year for planning an outdoor remodeling project. Think of all the ways you can use a new patio, then plan your Memorial Day gathering. With a date on the calendar, you’ll have an incentive to get your patio project rolling!