Why You Should Repair Bowed Basement Walls Quickly

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If your home has a basement, the structure’s entire weight rests upon that level’s walls. This circumstance makes basement walls a fundamental element of keeping your home upright and stable. However, basement walls are just as susceptible to damage as other parts of your home. If you notice that your basement’s walls have started bowing, contact a professional basement repair service without hesitation.

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Here, we discuss why basement walls bow and explain why you must have them repaired post haste:

What Causes Bowed Basement Walls?

“Bowed” walls refer to those with a “bulging” look (they often feature cracks too). These symptoms indicate that pressure is building behind the afflicted wall.

Indeed, hydrostatic pressure is the primary cause of bowed basement walls. If the soil around your basement is saturated with water that cannot drain, pressure builds upon the structure. Heavy rainstorms, melting snow, or a high water table nearby can lend to this pressure.

If you plan to remodel your basement–or use it in any other way–you must have the bowed walls repaired. As discussed below, untreated walls can lead to much greater damage.

What Happens When Bowed Walls are not Repaired?

Since hydrostatic pressure comes from a build-up of water, it increases over time (unless you manage to drain it). Thus, it pushes harder on your basement walls, which will bow and bulge to a point. They’ll continue to deteriorate until the pressure overwhelms them—then they break.

If one or more basement walls collapse, your home’s structural integrity is compromised. A wall collapse can lead to broken joists and ruined drywall. Plus, you and any other occupants will have to move out until the walls are repaired, which can take months. 

Preventing wall collapse saves you time, money, and home security. However, it’s not a DIY or amateur job—it requires specialized knowledge and proper equipment. That’s why you should contact HB Home Services.

How We Repair Bowed Walls

Our approach to fixing a bowed wall depends on its level of damage. We might use carbon fiber straps for a wall with a few cracks and/or a slight bow. Greater bulging or damage may require wall anchors and helical tiebacks. For extensive damage, we may need to investigate foundation repair. 

Repairs work best and cost least when they’re for damage that’s caught early. Thus, part of keeping your basement flood-proof–and protecting your home overall–is inspection and upkeep. If you suspect a wall is bowing or breaking, don’t hesitate to call for professional support.

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