The Most Popular Home Improvement Projects of 2020

bedroom with tv on the wall and adjacent gym

Last year, housing and real estate experts predicted which renovation trends would be popular in 2020. Bathroom remodels, flooring, and painting projects all ranked highly in those predictions. But when COVID-19 shook up circumstances, it also knocked those trends loose and propelled others forward.

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Below, we discuss the home improvement market trends that became popular during 2020:

The Renovation Surge

2020 witnessed a dramatic rise in renovation projects across the United States. Since lawmakers announced COVID-19 restrictions in March, three out of four American homeowners have carried out a project. Plus, this increase appeared across all generations.

The demand for home improvement seems motivated by social restrictions. Unable to leave their houses (for work or pleasure), homeowners used their spare time to plan and complete projects. After all, why not improve the place that one is stuck in?

Certainly, the increase of available time ranks highest as the reason for homeowners completing projects. But many homeowners report that they also wish to add value to their homes. This response suggests that they’re considering life after the pandemic.

Increased Demand for Exterior Remodeling

Of course, the interest in home improvement prompts a question: what specific projects have drawn homeowners? One notable trend: exterior home remodeling, which includes installations or improvements of gardens, patios, or external housing elements.

Professionals in landscape, pool, and deck/patio projects have reported increased work in the past several months. Even the DMV region has seen the pandemic home remodeling boom. Such improvements may appeal to homeowners because it maintains a separation between builders and a household’s occupants.

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Interior Improvements Remain Popular

Due to coronavirus risks, contractors and their clients must limit their interactions. But with frequent cleaning and social distancing, many homeowners continue to pursue interior remodeling work. Popular indoor improvements – including repainting rooms, redoing floors, and bath remodeling – remain in high demand.

A large percentage of homeowners have also upgraded their home features. Many have installed or improved home technology, while others have made their households more eco-friendly.

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Diverse Home Renovation Services Now Available in Fairfax, VA

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