Three Important Tips for Planning a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom walk in shower with a closed glass door

There are many ways to determine if your bathroom needs an upgraded appearance. Maybe you find yourself noticing your current bathroom doesn’t align with your lifestyle needs or there’s clear damage such as leaking faucets, water damaged walls, and cracked tiles. If your bathroom is experiencing any of these signs and especially if you are considering selling your home in the future, then it’s time to begin a bathroom renovation and work together with a trusted contractor to streamline the process.

HB Home Services is dedicated to providing a variety of quality Northern Virginia home improvement services and surpassing each of our clients’ expectations. Our team is known for offering quality workmanship that’s affordable and will meet your needs. While we understand that updating your bathroom can be a tremendous challenge to undertake on your own, here are several tips to help you start planning your future bathroom renovation.

Compare Your Options

When planning a bathroom renovation, it’s important to obtain multiple quotes from at least three of your preferred contractors. You want to be able to work together with a contractor that is reputable and has experience you can trust. Ask to see a portfolio of their previous remodeling projects and discuss their process on how they approached each improvement. This will give you a better idea of how efficient and detail-oriented they are allowing you to determine whether their quote matches the quality of services they provide.

Keep A Flexible Budget

When it comes to creating a budget for your bathroom remodel, always expect the unexpected. Make sure to plan for unexpected repair costs leaving some wiggle room to cover them, which will leave you less stressed. In some cases when renovations begin, homeowners may encounter mold or old pipes that need to be addressed immediately, which inevitably adds more to your renovation costs. When putting together your budget, just anticipate the unexpected and leave room for extra spending.

Make Changes During the Design Phase

Once you have chosen your contractor, it is important to finalize your new bathroom design before construction takes place. Making sporadic changes throughout the process will lengthen its time frame and even increase the cost of your overall renovation. When you work together with HB Home Services, our team will help make your renovation process efficient by making sure you obtain quality materials sourced from trusted providers at a price that stays within your budget.

Flexible & Quality Northern Virginia Home Improvement Services

At HB Home Services, our owner Harry Hink will provide you with the affordable home improvement services you deserve. As upgrading your bathroom may be a tricky and complicated process, you will be able to rely on our professional team to help you choose the best materials and bathroom design that will improve your overall lifestyle. With Class-A General Contractors at your service, you will be sure to receive the most out of your bathroom renovation experience.

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