Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Roof This Fall Season

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Fall has arrived and we’ve seen some changes to our weather! Between the rain and other natural elements, this is the perfect season to replace your roof. The wear and tear from summer often weaken our roofs, leaving them in need of repair or replacement. As we begin to experience fall weather, it may the best time to check your roofs, especially in preparation for the upcoming winter!


If you are unsure why you should repair your roof this fall, then you’ve come to the right place! HB Home Services provides a team of home improvement experts who specialize in roofing replacements and repairs to cities in Northern Virginia. Our professionals can evaluate the durability of your roof and advise you on whether or not it needs to be replaced. We are dedicated to ensuring your home is in the best condition to withstand the colder seasons to come. Below are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your roof this fall.  

Spring + Summer = A Large Toll On Your Roof

If your roof didn’t leak in the last 2 seasons or the last few years, it has held up well. However, all of the weather changes in the last few years may have taken a heavy toll on your roof. Rainstorms and strong winds can slowly wear down the protection your shingles provide. Believe it or not, the blaring summer sun also does damage to your roof. Checking your roof regularly to see if it needs a repair or replacement will help you stay up to date with your roof’s current status and maintenance needs.

Perfect Temperatures for Roof Repairs

If you need your roofing shingles replaced, the best time to do so is in the fall. The most common type of roofing material is asphalt shingles, which requires roofers to thermally seal the shingles so that they adhere to your roof. At HB Home Services, we use several types of shingles to ensure your roof’s durability. The best thing about the fall season is that the temperatures are not too cold or too hot, which means the thermal sealing on the shingles can seal properly, leaving you with a roof that will last longer.

Winter is Coming

During the winter time, save on heating bills and have your roof replaced. A roof that has unsealed, even slightly, will lead to an increase in your heating bills. Unsealed roofs leak air from the inside, which leads to your home or business feeling colder than you might have expected. Most people will turn up the temperature on the thermostat, but with an unsealed roof, this will only result in higher heating bills. If you have your roof repaired, you won’t have to worry about losing any heat or paying more on heating bills!

Replace Your Roof & Hire HB Home Services in Northern Virginia Today!

Whether you are in need of a shingles repair or replacing an entire roof, HB Home Services is the professional roofing replacing provider prepared to take care of your roofing needs. Our team provides quality craftsmanship in each and every roofing replacement to ensure your roof is secure and installed properly. We have served the Northern Virginia area for a little over three years now and is proud to have provided successful home improvement services through and through.

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