Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2021

bathroom with large bath tub and very wide window next to it


Throughout 2021, bathrooms have received a lot of design attention. From freestanding tubs and open-concept showers to LED lighting and high-tech features, the opportunities for an at-home spa are vast. Now, modern bathroom renovation services can transform your bathroom into a sophisticated, serene space.


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Below, we list the top bathroom renovation trends of 2021:

1. Continuous Finish

Recently, bathroom designs emphasize an atmospheric environment. You can distinguish your bathroom as an oasis distinct from the rest of your home by selecting a single material that flows throughout the space and into the shower. Cover the floors and walls with a single design feature such as stone, tiles, or polished concrete. 


Using a primary material throughout your bathroom’s design creates a seamless, minimalistic style that inspires serenity. Although some bold tones are cropping back again in bathrooms, you should use a light or earth tone color to further establish the space’s peacefulness.

2. Freestanding Tubs

Although once outdated, freestanding tubs have made a stylish return in the last few years. Moreover, these tubs come in a wide variety of shapes and materials.


To make your freestanding tub a statement piece in your bathroom’s design, choose a carved piece of organic material such as copper, marble, porcelain, cast iron, or teak. Also, consider how you might enjoy a slipper, roll top, or Japanese soaking tub.

Classic white tubs still have a place in bathroom design, but color has redefined that place. Let the natural color of an organic material speak for itself, or choose a bold black or cool neutral color.

3. Open-Concept Shower

Large, open shower stalls—separate from the tub—have become popular in many contemporary bathroom designs. Indeed, a freestanding tub and an open-concept shower make an excellent combination in properly-designed bathrooms. 


At HB Services, we like to create a continuous finish throughout a bathroom and into its shower for a “glide-in” ambiance with plenty of space to soak up steam. Open shower stalls also offer the chance to follow the trend of double shower heads, which maximize space. 


We recommend keeping your shower stall design simple. Focus on a unified style with a single material such as tile, muted stone, or sleek slate from floor to ceiling. Omit an interior wall divider or opt for glass to simulate an airy, open space. Consider adding a modern built-in bench or skylight. Maintain the minimalist aesthetic but consider making a statement with distinctive hardware in brushed gold or matte black.

4. LED Lighting 

Add LED lighting to elevate the appearance of your bathroom and create a warm feeling with staged lighting that illuminates the space at night. Offset the sharp lines framing your vanity mirror or beneath your floating vanity with a soft LED glow. Pair your LED lights with a modern metallic fixture over the vanity or centralized pendant light for added character and overhead light.

5. Stated Feature Details 

Mirrors are attracting attention with subtle but unexpected shapes and whimsical sizing. Choose a circular, rectangular, or tapered mirror that can be either floating or framed. Whether oversized or small and side-by-side, your mirrors can act as a focal point.


In light of hyper-organization trends and minimalism, visible storage is moving from kitchen shelving to the bathroom. Wooden built-in shelves offer a natural appeal for storing rolled towels and lux cosmetics. Limit storage space to encourage a sense of cleanliness and mindfulness.

Let the luxurious metallic finish of faucet hardware do the talking in bathrooms with a continuous flow design. Whimsical faucets can act as a featured art piece in modern bathrooms with slender faucet heads and mixed metals for added detail.

6. High-Tech Features 

Contemporary homes are high-tech, even in their bathrooms. Thus, HB Home Services offers chromatherapy, privacy glass, steam, speakers, and digital controls in showers for an all-encompassing sensory experience.


You might also consider having a steam showerhead installed to relax the body and mind as well as cleanse pores. Increase your privacy with digitally-controlled privacy glass so the bathroom feels spacious and comfortable. 


Fill the shower with peaceful sounds by way of built-in shower speakers. Have digital controls installed so you can start the shower at your desired pressure and temperature before you step in. Finally, keep warm as you dry off with heated floors around your bathroom.

7. Natural Textures 

You can also improve your bathroom’s design by incorporating natural textures. We recommend adding teak paneling or a wooden vanity for warm, positive energy. Rattan pendant lighting adds a tropical touch to offset industrial features. 

Stone is another beautiful natural material we like to use for vanities, as well as an eye-catching backsplash or a grounding floor as well. You could have a renovation specialist install a quartz or granite countertop.

8. Patterned Tile

Patterned tile is another re-emerging trend for bathrooms. Although a patterned element somewhat contradicts simplistic continuity and minimalism, motif tiles can create a pleasant addition to any bathroom renovation design. 

Current trends for patterned tile are less bright and busy than antique styles. Opt for creamy neutrals in a Moroccan design or a bold Pantone for greater appeal. Mimic marble with glossy, alternating greyscale or beige chevron.

9. Freestanding Basins 

Basins—once a purely practical household item—are resurfacing to replace molded sinks as the focal point of bathroom vanities. Select a freestanding basin in travertine, polished clay, or stone resin, as the intriguing material coupled with the graceful shape of the basin adds a sculptural feature to your bathroom.

10. Floating, Taper Off, & Exposed Vanities

In your master bathroom, pair your freestanding basin with a floating vanity. These vanities attach to the wall to create an open, airy feel. Add a concrete taper off the top to emulate a transcendent motion and hide utilities below. Taper off vanity tops are usually 8-10 inches thick to replace the non-working upper drawers that usually mask below-sink plumbing.


Or you can opt for the opposite effect with an exposed vanity in the powder room. These vanities expose utilities beneath for a raw, industrial feel. 


With an exposed vanity, pick a thin countertop and match the colors of your plumbing with your faucet and showerhead for a cohesive finish.

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