Top Custom Deck Renovation Ideas & Benefits of 2020

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Besides living and/or dining rooms, outdoor decks have become a central gathering place for families and friends. It can be an essential part of your house and should thus be maintained carefully and consistently. Moreover, you should also consider making updates and changes, not only to sustain your deck’s integrity but also to benefit from new designs and products. Such updates will add value to both your home and your deck.

At HB Home Services, we have spent many years helping customers improve the function and appearance of their homes. Our expert team has extensive experience in services such as window and door replacements, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and custom deck construction. Our clients in Fairfax, VA, and across Northern Virginia attest to our team’s expertise and craftsmanship.

Below, we offer a few custom deck renovation ideas and explain how they can benefit you and your home:

Add New Light Fixtures

Lighting contributes to an outdoor deck space in several ways. Mainly, it allows you to use your outdoor space for family get-togethers and dinner parties after sunset. Proper lighting affords safe movement on your deck at night.

Moreover, new lighting fixtures offer a variety of exciting features. These include wireless, smartphone-controlled lights with adjustable color and brightness settings. Newer model LED lights also provide increased energy efficiency and greater durability.

In the same vein, several new brands of lighting fixtures are designed specifically for outdoor settings. Floor-mounted lights, for instance, can create lower-profile lighting arrangements or a safely-lit pathway.

Install Seating

Another useful deck renovation is built-in benches. You can place them in the middle of your deck to create a dining area or along your deck’s edge for extra seating.

If built with suitable materials, deck benches are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to purchasing new furniture. And with proper maintenance, built-in deck seating lasts longer than deck furniture.

Built-in seating also makes your deck appear fully furnished and attractive to potential homebuyers. Thus, there’s a financial benefit to renovating your deck.

Deck Extension

Expanding your deck is also a worthwhile renovation. Doing so provides more opportunities for features including a dedicated area for cooking/grilling or a fire pit. You might even consider a sunroom extension attached to your house.

A deck extension also gives your family and guests more space to relax and spend time in. And, as with built-in seating, an extension is an investment that increases your home’s overall value. Simply put, ample deck space is a desirable feature for many homebuyers.

HB Home Services: Custom Deck Construction in Fairfax, VA

These are just a few ways that you can upgrade and improve your deck. You can learn about many more by working with our experienced craftsmen at HB Home Services. We offer services in almost every aspect of home improvement including first-class custom deck construction.

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