Top Kitchen Renovation Features

kitchen with a blue and grey back splash and white cabinets with a small table

A fresh kitchen renovation can provide cutting-edge features, clean finishes, and the latest design trends. Moreover, such a project can boost the value of your home. Make your kitchen a key home feature by incorporating a new island, tile backsplash, and exquisite lighting. Seek professional kitchen renovation services to ensure a cohesive result with the best products.

HB Home Services provides comprehensive kitchen renovation services to residents of Vienna, VA. Our home improvement team has solutions for every home’s interior and exterior. We want to help you create an ideal design plan for your home based on your preferences and needs. You can stay within your budget with our affordable pricing and quality workmanship. Contact us today at (703) 764-0498 for a free project estimate.

Below, we outline the top kitchen renovation features available for your home:

Kitchen Island

Kitchen renovation services in Vienna, VA

Kitchen islands hold significant functional and design qualities. They add dimension, storage, and counter space. You can also use them to emphasize a beautiful countertop material like quartz, quartzite, or wood. Additionally, solid colors and neutrals create a clean appearance, while a swirled granite pattern makes a dramatic statement.

Current design trends embrace maximalist islands, either oversized or in a pair. Such island designs offer nifty features for storing everyday kitchen appliances. Choose shelves that rise to waist height for easy access, or opt for drawers within your cabinets. You can also have electrical outlets installed in the back of your cabinets, so you don’t have to remove appliances to use them.

Tile Backsplash

The backsplash protects the kitchen wall behind the range and sink from food and water splatters. It’s easy to clean and provides visual value. While white and black tiles can create a serene backdrop for your kitchen, colorful patterns may serve as an art feature. The style options are endless, yet they play an important role in setting the tone for your kitchen.

Also, keep in mind the finish of your tile. Glossy tiles reflect more light throughout the space, while matte tiles appear flat. Grout color will also play a role in the overall appearance. Although white grout is most common, interesting contrasts appear with gray, beige, or black grout.

Unique Lighting

Bright spaces are coveted by many, and lighting can be the answer for kitchens that lack outdoor light. You can layer several light sources with pendant light fixtures, recessed lighting, and under-cabinet LEDs. This variety also allows you to highlight certain features in your kitchen and create a warm glow during the evening.

Start with a basic light fixture to provide the majority of your light. Then, select a thoughtful pendant light, an evocative stylistic touch. Choose from a series of multiple lights, a pair, or one large pendant. Popular style options include clay, wicker, wood, or metal. Your kitchen renovation designer can help you determine the best placement, which is often above the sink or island.

Quality Kitchen Renovation Services in Vienna, VA

Turn to HB Home Services for quality kitchen renovation services in Vienna, VA. When designing your new space, we take into account your lifestyle to accommodate your unique needs. We also offer custom cabinet options through industry-leading partnerships. Additionally, we provide convenient financing options, so you don’t have to settle for less. Contact us today at (703) 764-0498 for a free estimate.