Turn Any Room Into a Walk-In Closet

turn any room into a walk in closet 1

Turn Any Room Into a Walk-In Closest

Building a walk-in closet can be easier than you think with the right approach. Below are a few simple steps to get you started on your closet kingdom.

Figure Out Your Space

Before you can embark on your DIY journey, you’ll want to have clear ideas of how much material you’ll need, and the only way to do that is to figure out the exact dimensions of the space you want to use. Measure the length, width, and volume of the area you’re considering turning into a walk-in closet.

Pick a Design

The best part of DIY projects is the customizability of the product – whether you want a closet that is all about function or something that’s luxurious, the possibilities are endless. On top of considering the space requirements for a design, you should consider the long-term consequences of any special features it may have. Sure, that spinning shoe rack seems grand right now, but will it still be the apple of your eye in ten years?

Compile Materials and Tools

Once you know the ins and outs of your space and what design you want, you can move onto gathering your materials and tools. If you don’t anticipate using the tools after this project, many home improvement stores offer temporary rentals with a security deposit. If it’s within your budget, consider buying surplus materials. Unopened products can often be returned for a full refund and having a surplus guarantees you won’t end up with a half-way finished project and surprise store trips.

Get Started

After all that careful planning, you’re ready to begin your DIY closet masterpiece. Good luck!






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