Ways to Improve Your Deck This Summer

a close up of stairs and patio area

As the days get warmer and warmer, homeowners and their families will find more ways to spend time outside. Backyard decks are a great space to do that because they are very versatile. Decks can be used for parties, cookouts, crafts and other projects, or just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful summer weather.
Your deck may get worn down by the seasons and weather, need more shade from the sun, or simply an upgrade to give it a fresh look. Here are tips (big and small) for all your deck improvement needs to maintain your favorite outdoor hangout spot.

These are some things you can do to improve your deck, so you can get the most out of it for the rest of summer:

1. Cleaning and Staining

From all the rain, snow, and other weather that occurs throughout the year, your wooden deck will age and can begin to look worn. However, if you get it cleaned up, repaired, and stained, it’ll look good as new and you can start adding more improvements to your liking.

2. Awning or Pergola…or Both!

Maybe you made an addition to your deck or you cut down a tree or two in your yard that caused more direct sunlight. Regardless, you probably now need some shade on your deck for those sunny summer days spend outside. Getting a pergola or awning installed will not only add shade to your deck but will also give it a stylish look.

3. Install an Addition

Sometimes your deck’s space just isn’t working for you, and needs to be redesigned or extended. HB Home Services can walk you through the deck addition process and recommend the best approach, design, and materials for your project.

4. Lighting

Lighting is always a fun and easy way to add some touches to improve your outdoor space. There are so many options to choose from including post lamps, string lights, stairway lights to light a walkway, rail lighting, twinkle and fairy lights, and much more. You can get creative with it and get it professionally installed by HB Home Services for a quick deck improvement.

5. Railings and Gates

If you want to give your deck an almost completely new look, you can replace the style of the railings and gates with HB Home Services. You can go with glass or plastic panel wrap arounds, metal railings, or simple wooden railings and gates with a new paint job.

6. Built-in Firepit or Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outside with your friends or family is a summer tradition everyone loves. HB Home Services can install an outdoor kitchen or firepit, so you can grill some burgers or make smores around the fire to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Deck Installation and Addition Services in Northern Virginia Will Leave You with a Fun Summer Hangout!

Don’t let your deck get old and boring. Add some pizazz to it with the deck improvement services HB Home Services has to offer. We will always build the additions you want with quality materials, which will also add value to your home along with giving you an enjoyable outdoor space. Contact us today to begin improving your deck this summer!