Ways to Update Your Kitchen without a Remodel

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If you’re worried that you can’t enliven your kitchen without a full-scale remodel, fear not. Even antiquated kitchens that have received no renovation in decades can feel fresh with the proper updates. However, you must invest your resources into the right projects: repainting the walls, updating the cabinets, installing new flooring, and the like. Moreover, reach out to HB Home Services for professional kitchen repair services.


Serving homeowners throughout Manassas, Virginia, HB Services delivers reliable home improvement and renovation work at affordable prices. We’re a locally-owned and family-operated business that supports our community by working with charitable organizations to support Northern Virginia families. Our options include kitchen, bathroom, basement, deck, and more renovation services. Additionally, our kitchen repair contractors have the expertise and training to provide outstanding services and thoughtful solutions to your projects. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 for a free estimate and more information on our services!


Below, we discuss several ways to update and reinvigorate your kitchen without an exhaustive remodel:

Repaint the Walls

The average cost of a comprehensive kitchen remodel is difficult to pin down because it depends on your kitchen’s size and the quality of the replacement materials. Nevertheless, Remodeling Magazine estimates that an average mid-range kitchen remodeling project runs for $22,507.


Happily, smaller updates with HB Services professionals cost much less. You can start with a new coat of paint, a perennially popular renovation for American homeowners. While trends shift and styles evolve, certain colors—particularly neutrals and grays—create an elegant base on which further renovations can flourish.

Upgrade Hardware or Paint Cabinets

In addition to walls, cabinets account for a large portion of kitchens’ visible surfaces. Thus, updating your cabinets can have a powerful effect. You might try updating their hardware—the handles or knobs—as a subtle yet striking change.


Alternatively, a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can enliven the space. And should any have visible damage or noisy hinges, contact HB Services and ask about our kitchen cabinet repair services.

Install New Flooring

Another popular home improvement, fresh flooring can make your old kitchen feel like a new space. Linoleum flooring was once all the rage, but several alternatives—including vinyl, tile, and hardwood—have become sought after.


While it may sound like floor replacement would make your kitchen inoperable for weeks, this project tends to turn over swiftly. One or two professional servicemen can knock out new flooring in a few days.

Add Decorative Accoutrements

It may sound cliché, but carefully selected and placed decorations can transform any room. Kitchens, in particular, offer some exciting opportunities. For instance, carpet runners can go in front of cabinetry to break up monotone flooring and hide scratches or blemishes. Plants and flowers offer a dash of nature and fresh scents. Even a few pieces of wall art can brighten the room.

Replace Countertops, Sink, and/or Faucet

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All-marble countertops have become a pinnacle of kitchen design and style, and they certainly offer luxury and elegance. But you should consider attractive alternatives, particularly if you have a great deal of countertop space. Ask our experts about options in your price range.


As you deal with your countertops, take care of your sink and faucet as well. Sinks get dulled down over years of use, and you can have an affordable replacement that nevertheless looks high-end. Installing a new faucet alongside the sink puts a cherry on this renovation’s top.

Kitchen Repair Services Available Now in Manassas, VA!

You don’t need to pour large sums of money into your kitchen to make it feel inviting and energizing. Instead, reach out to HB Home Services and ask about our professional kitchen repair services. A few well-placed updates and adjustments can turn any kitchen into the heart of a home. HB Services offers kitchen, bathroom, basement, deck, and more renovation services throughout the Manassas, VA, region. As a locally-owned and family-operated business, we have a stake in seeing our community thrive. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 or fill out our online form and receive a free project estimate!