What Are the Benefits of Having Your Trim Updated?

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If you’re unhappy with the condition or design of your home’s trim, reach out to a professional for repair or replacement. Updating trim is no mere facelift; its benefits include an improved interior style, rounded corners, wall protection, and bolstered curb appeal. So, when you’re ready to see these improvements in your home, contact a professional home repair service provider.

HB Home Services offers such help to homeowners in and around Burke, VA. We specialize in improving homes inside and out, from replacing exterior trim to full kitchen renovations. Learn about our full range of services and how we can help with your next home improvement project. For professional work on your home, call us at (703) 764-0498.

Below, we discuss the benefits of updating your home’s trim:

Improved Interior Style

Although it may seem like a minor—even forgettable—detail, trim augments an interior style. As an unattractive or mismatched picture frame undermines a painting, poor trim can mar interior style. In the same vein, complementary trim, crown molding, and wainscotting can enhance a home’s style.

When selecting a trim style, keep in mind that it will appear throughout your home. Find a style that speaks to your home’s overall design. While each room’s style and wall color may vary, the right trim can unify them.

A wide, ornamental trim style creates a classic appeal. A thin, sleek trim offers a more modern style. Consider your furniture, color scheme, and decor to determine a suitable option.

Smooth Harsh Corners

One of the main purposes of baseboards and moldings is to smooth the edges between walls and floors or ceilings. Although trim and crown moldings might feel like an unnecessary cost, they help frame, beautify, and complete your space.

Interiors without these features feel unfinished. They have rough, harsh intersecting surfaces. Even the most basic trim can transform this visual liability into an asset for your interior design.

Protect Your Surfaces

Interior trim acts not only as an adornment to your space but also as a protective barrier for your walls. The lower portion of most walls is subject to dents, scuffs, scratches, dirt, and other damage. Baseboards solve this problem by absorbing the wear and tear. Chair rails prevent furniture from impacting your walls, as well.

Moreover, professionally installed trim helps seal your home from moisture, pests, and other outside contaminants. Cracked, loose, or improperly installed trim cannot provide the same protection. Thus, replacing old trim with wider, sturdier structures offers both visual and functional benefits for your home.

Boost Curb Appeal

Don’t forget about exterior trim as well. Window trim, door frames, and frieze boards offer just as much design benefit as their interior counterparts. These external features should frame your home in an impactful way, attracting the eye.

Whether or not you’re trying to sell your home, exterior trim can bolster home value and homeowner satisfaction. Indeed, 97% of real estate professionals believe that trim and molding correspond to the price of a home.

HB Services Offer a Diverse Home Repair Services in Burke, VA

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HB Home Services offers expert home repair services to residents of Burke, VA. We have years of experience offering top-of-the-line home improvements for our loyal customers. Moreover, we’re a Class-A General Contractor and EPA Certified Firm. That said, we offer nothing less than safe, efficient, and top-quality workmanship. To replace your outdated trim and more, hire our skilled team at (703) 764-0498.