What Are The Benefits of Replacing Old Doors?

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Believe it or not, the condition of a home’s doors impact both the inside and the outside of its overall structure. Thus, a new set of doors throughout your home offers numerous benefits, some of which you may not even realize until the next month’s energy bill arrives. 


At HB Home Services, we offer numerous ways for our customers to make worthwhile home improvements. From premium door replacement services, to roofing replacement, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and more. Our team has years of professional experience working for residents throughout Fairfax, VA and Northern Virginia. They have the training and skills necessary to perform our services precisely within your budget and preferences. 


Here are some benefits of replacing your home’s old doors:

Increased Efficiency

One of the biggest impacts in exchanging your home’s old doors is an increase in your home’s energy efficiency. For reference, efficiency derives from the effectiveness of your home’s insulation, as well as the amount of electricity used by your home appliances. 


The lining of closed doors forms a part of your home’s insulation, as it’s supposed to block outdoor air and preserve the temperature-controlled indoor air. When air leaks, some amount of energy gets wasted. Your air system works harder to offset the temperature loss or increase. 


Thus, new doors secure your insulation, ensuring your HVAC system’s functioning as it should be, which will save you more money in the long run. 

Greater Home Value

Another benefit for replacing old doors is that it increases your home’s overall value by boosting its curb appeal. Simply put, better-looking homes go for higher prices on the market, which is why every homeowner looks to improve their property in one way or another.


By replacing your old doors with more elegant or advanced ones, you will improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. 

Reduced Outdoor Noise

Cheaper and older doors may allow quite a lot of outdoor sound to penetrate through. But a set of new doors can improve things dramatically, especially if you select ones with sound-proofing qualities. Higher quality doors lead to a quieter house, which provides more comfort for you and your family. 

Improved Security

Finally, older and/or cheaper doors may fail to provide the security of newer ones. Over time, wood and metal will age, rot, and rust. And as doors become easier to break down, intruders have greater opportunity to enter.


Newer doors are better secured and harder to break down. You may also install a set of new locks as well, even ones that require an electronic key or fingerprint scan to unlock. 


Such a simple exchange can make all the difference in keeping you, your family, and all of your valuables safe from potential intruders. 

HB Home Services: Affordable Door Replacement Services in Fairfax, VA

Replacing your doors is a simple yet effective way to improve your home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and security. Of course, these improvements require proper experience and expertise to install. Furthermore, these replacements are often best when made alongside other improvements, like house painting and roofing repairs. 


At HB Home Services, we offer comprehensive door replacement services as well as a variety of other home improvements. We work throughout Fairfax, VA and Northern Virginia, helping residents beautify and transform their homes according to their needs and preferences. 


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