What Gutter Style is Best for Me? – Northern VA Gutter Installation

gutters up close that show rusting

Your gutters have a big responsibility year-round – they capture and divert precipitation away from your home. In winter, your gutters fend off snow and ice. In spring and summer, they prevent rain from leaking into your home. When your gutters are damaged or clogged, water and other precipitation does not flow properly through them, and will likely end up in your home one way or another.

Because your home relies heavily on your gutters, it’s important that you have gutters that will function properly and stand up to whatever nature can throw your way. Gutters are available in a variety of shapes and styles, which can affect their functionality. At HB Home Services, we offer gutter installation to ensure our customers have the protection they need. As gutter installation experts, we understand the different gutter types and their advantages. Here’s a quick guide to gutter types:


1. K-Style:

This gutter’s most noticeable feature is the flat bottom. The tops of these gutters often have a decorative curl or design to add aesthetics and match the roofing’s appearance. There are several different shapes of k-style gutters that all have similar functionality, so choosing between them may just be a matter of aesthetic preference. K-Style gutters can also hold a high amount of water.


2. Half-Round Gutters:

These gutters look just like a cylindrical tube cut in half. The smoothness of this gutter’s round shape can be aesthetically pleasing on many houses. However, these gutters often cannot hold as much as k-style gutters, making it easy for these to overflow in heavy rain or snow.


3. Fascia Gutters:

Fascia gutters are much less common than k-style or half-round gutters, but are still a viable gutter option. These gutters are usually installed for homes that do not have fascia boards installed over rafter tails. Fascia gutters are designed to hide the rafter tails and maintain a seamless appearance that normal fascia would do.


When Brand Matters: RainPro Gutter System

Sometimes a particular gutter style is not enough to know if you are getting great quality. You need to choose a brand that can truly stand up to nature’s toughest weather. HB Home Services is proud to install RainPro gutters for their unmatched quality and durability. Here are some benefits of choosing RainPro:

  • Great water flow: These gutters have a 6” capacity, a wider bottom, larger downspout, and 3/8” outlet, which allows more water to flow through them faster. These gutters will not overflow even during the most intense storm, unless the gutter is clogged by other debris.
  • Strength: RainPro gutters are built to go the distance. They are made from the heaviest gauge aluminum, which makes them 15.8% thicker than standard gutters. These long-lasting gutters can hold a high amount of rainfall and/or debris without breaking or falling.
  • Design: These gutters not only do a good job, but they look great, too! They are designed with aesthetics in mind, featuring hidden hangers and are available in a variety of colors to match any home.


Choose Only the Best Gutters With HB Home Services

When it comes time to replace your gutters, make sure you choose a brand that you can trust to protect your home for a long time to come. HB Home Services offers RainPro gutter installation in Northern Virginia. We can help you choose either k-style or half-round style gutters that will not only appear seamless with the rest of your roof’s design but will stand up to even the worst weather.

Are your gutters due for an upgrade? Contact HB Home Services today for Northern Virginia gutter installation.

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