What Makes Gutters So Important?

close up of rain water dripping down

What Makes Gutters So Important?

There are some elements of your home you consistently check on and maintain, while others are left untouched and forgotten, like your gutter system. Maintaining your gutters may not seem like the most important thing, but they are actually integral to protecting very important areas in and around your home. 


At HB Home Services, we believe that every part of a home has its purpose and should be at its best in order to protect the overall condition of the house. Our wide array of home improvements services, such as our roof replacement, indoor renovation, and expert gutter installation services, reflects our dedication to helping residents maintain their homes. Our service experience is second-to-none as we’ve provided replacements and installations to numerous customers throughout Fairfax, VA and Northern Virginia. 


Below, we discuss the importance of home gutter systems and how they benefit you when they are well-maintained: 

Sends Water Away

The primary purpose of having an effective gutter system is that, during a rainstorm, it will collect the water flowing down from the roof and send it back down to the ground. 


What makes a gutter system truly effective is its downspout, or the connecting pipe that sends the rainwater from the roof to the ground. It extends outward to direct the water away from the house and prevent water from collecting near its base.

Protects the Foundation

The second reason your gutter is important is because it protects your home’s basement and foundation as it sends the excess water from the roof and out to its downspouts, away from the perimeter of the house. 


Otherwise, the water would flow down from the roof and seep into the soil surrounding the outside of your home, eventually degrading the foundation and causing serious water damage. 

Prevents Soil Erosion 

In the same way that it protects your foundation, your gutters also prevent soil erosion by sending water safely away from the roof and your house. Without them, the subsequent water flowing down from the roof would erode the soil grading around your home. 


This will eventually become an issue, as the soil grading around most homes is often made to slope downward, in order to direct runoff waters outwards from the home. However, if that grading is eroded, then runoff can flow toward your house and create areas of excessive, standing water near its base that will eventually cause water damage. 

HB Home Services: Reliable Gutter Installation Services in Fairfax, VA

The details above show how significant a home’s gutters are and indicate why you should make sure you regularly maintain them. This may not be easy, as you may not have the right equipment, nor the skills or knowledge to properly perform replacement. However, we at HB Home Services provide affordable gutter installation services to residents throughout Fairfax, VA and Northern Virginia. Additionally, we also provide a wide selection of other home improvement services involving replacements, installations and even renovations. 


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