What Porch Design is Right for You?

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There are many kinds of additions that we can make to our homes, but only a few can give your home a welcoming and comfortable impression, such as a porch. Plus, while most other additions require a great amount of renovation, a porch is merely built and attached to your home. With numerous types for you to choose from, and the increased living space it brings, there are plenty of reasons for your to consider building a porch.

Moreover, having a trusted home improvement company, like H.B. Home Services, assist you in the construction of your porch will guarantee that it will last for years and that it will be built to your precise specifications and preferences. Our expert craftsmen have provided services to homeowners in Fairfax, VA, and across Northern Virginia, from gutter repairs and roofing replacements, full scale renovations for kitchens and basements, to quick and professional porch installation services.

Below, we provide four main types of porch designs that can be used to beautify the exterior of any home:

Front Porch

This first type of porch is considered the most inviting compared to others. Other porch types may emphasize privacy and personal comfort, such as a back porch or a screened-in porch.  However, a front porch expresses a sort of invitation to house guests, neighbors, and if the time comes that you’d to sell your home, potential buyers. Imagine it is a place to sit and relax, awaiting to welcome your guests as soon as they reach the threshold of your home.

Back Porch

In contrast to a front porch, as previously mentioned, a back porch places more importance on providing you, along with your family and house guests, with a more private space to relax and spend time outdoors. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a tranquil day alone reading a book, or to entertain numerous guests with a fun party. Yet, similarly to having a front porch, the addition of a back porch ensures your home looks more attractive and therefore would be considered higher in value on the market.

Wrap Around

A two-sided porch combination that melds the positive elements of both the front and back porches together, transforming your home into a stately country house. While being both welcoming and intimate, depending on where you stand, it also has the added benefit of being more accessible, with family and guests being able to easily head to and return from the rear of your house quickly and easily. It also allows you to shift where you rest according to the time of day, moving from one side to the other for more shade. And of course, the immense difference that a wrap around porch makes to the appearance of your home will definitely make it higher in value to potential homebuyers.


Screened-in porches apply to both front, back, and even wrap-around porches. Their main purpose is to seal out any pests and bugs that may inhibit you from enjoying the day outside. More often than not, our handymen add a roof to the porch in order to properly secure the screens around it, making your porch more into a more pronounced addition to your home, as well as a space for you to enjoy the whole day indoors.

H.B. Home Services: Excellent Porch Installation Services in Fairfax, VA

If you are considering adding a porch to your home, keep in mind these four main types when you are thinking about its design. Also, even though it’s possible to build it yourself, hiring a team of professionals in durable porch installation services would ensure a fast construction and long-lasting quality to your porch.

At H.B. Home Services, we not only provide excellent work at affordable costs to clients throughout Northern Virginia, we also devotedly seek to hear your vision and satisfaction from our services. We have spent years developing our business to create a team of expert builders and home improvement specialists, all who are ready to help you transform your home.

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