What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Gutters

Know Your Gutters

Gutters direct water away from homes’ foundations and prevent erosion, making it essential to maintain these systems. When gutters clog and overflow, water streams down the outside walls and seeps into the foundation. Water will find small cracks to enter the foundation, causing deterioration and flooding.

Damaged gutters can lead to water stagnation. This moisture eventually causes wood rot. In the end, the time and energy put into gutter maintenance is preferable to severe damage due to clogged gutters.

Maintain Your Gutters

Though biannual cleanings are best, if you can only attend to your gutter maintenance once per year, do so in spring. By the end of autumn, leaves accumulate in gutter systems. After winter, the combination of thaw and spring showers put ample pressure on gutters. Fall leaves and spring tree debris block gutter systems.

Clear these clogs during your spring gutter maintenance. Additionally, check pipe connections to ensure everything is working smoothly and without leaks. Begin by clearing out the areas near downspouts. Next, remove large debris across the entire length of the gutter system. Finally, run hose water to wash away small debris. Watch each downspout to ensure water is emerging from the bottom. If not, check for clogs inside the spout.

Adjust When Necessary

In some cases, gutter maintenance isn’t enough. In older, smaller, or damaged gutters, expansion is often required. With modern designs, gutter systems with higher capacities retain sleek lines and don’t overwhelm the roof line. The summer is a perfect time for gutter replacement. If you have questions about your gutters or need repair or an expanded system, contact us for more information.