What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Deck Builder

second story outdoor deck with deep wood accents

Many homeowners purchase or build a home and intend to add a deck later on. However, other responsibilities and plans tend to get in the way, and people find themselves putting off the idea. If you want a deck on your home but lack time to build one, you need a custom deck construction team. Ask about their licenses, payment terms, point of contact, and more so that you have confidence in their work.

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Below, we outline several points that you should cover with a potential deck contractor before hiring them:

Is the Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Along with their space for relaxation, decks and porches increase a home’s curb appeal. If you expect to sell your current home in the future, you can boost its value today by adding a deck. However, this benefit depends on whether you hire a reputable, licensed contractor.

So, after you identify some contractors as contenders for your project, make sure that each holds a license in your state. Licenses exist as public records—so, for instance, you can use the simple search function on Virginia’s license database.

You should also check on each contractor’s insurance policy. These details can be tricky to nail down. For instance, does their policy work per project or does it cover every job they do? Take time to work out these finer points, as you may need the policy’s protection in case of an accident.

The Main Point of Contact

Once you contact a company about your project, pay attention to who becomes your primary point of contact. Some services use businessmen, while others put you in touch with a designer or project manager. No matter what, you should speak with whoever will lead the work every day. That individual has direct control over the product.

Moreover, as you get to know the company and its employees, determine how they keep clients in the loop. Are there daily updates? Who sends those updates? Who can you speak with if you have questions?

Average Response Time

After establishing a relationship with a potential contractor, take note of their response time to your messages. Do they respond promptly with complete information? Have you waited for a reply for several business days or received piecemeal responses over a week? If they’re slow to respond before your project, it bodes poorly for how they may behave during it.

The Project’s Payment Terms

Generally, customers pay a percentage of the project’s total cost upfront (though that amount varies from state to state). After that, payment depends on the project type and timeline—which you should have detailed and set before you begin.

Reputable companies spell out all these details before beginning your project. If a contractor seems reticent about their pricing, consider that a red flag. You might also want to speak to the company about financing options. HB Home Services works with GreenSky to help our customers finance home repairs and renovations.

How Well Do You Work Together?

While a contractor may tick off all the above requirements, they should still be a company that you work well with. Deckbuilding–like all home renovation–is a process that requires skill, patience, and communication. If a contractor contender lacks one of these, you should steer clear of them.

One way to test whether you work well with a contractor is to ask for their input about your project. What can they suggest to improve it? How responsive are they to your ideas? You might use some of the top custom deck renovations from last year as a starting point.

Will the Contractor Get the Necessary Permits?

To be clear: your decking contractor should always get the permits needed for your project. It ensures that they work safely and protects you from fines. Moreover, the contractor should know where and how to obtain these permits.

Can They Commit to an End Date? Do They Offer Follow-Up Services?

Check two final elements before hiring a contractor: whether they can commit to a project end date and if they offer follow-up services. Contractors generally offer warranty or service policies for their projects in case unforeseen problems arise. Ensure that you receive such an option.

Committing to an end date can be a bit tricky. Several projects have unexpected complications that threaten to delay a deadline. However, many contractors have busy schedules and must complete one project to move on to the next. See if your contractor can at least commit to a time range within which to complete the project.

Custom Deck Construction Services Available in Annandale, VA

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