When To Replace Your Drywall

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Due to its cost and ease of installation, drywalling is the top choice for many homes. There are some downsides. Drywall’s porous plaster makes it vulnerable to impact breakage as well as water damage. Fortunately you can fix most issues with patching, sanding, or stain removal, but there are more extreme cases that require an expert home repair service, like HB Home Services, to replace large sections of drywall.


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Below, we list several issues that may require replacing your drywall.


Small and medium sized holes can be patched up fairly easily, although it usually comes with some slight irregularities on the wall’s surface.


Beyond cosmetic concerns, multiple holes could affect the structural integrity of the plasterboard. If this is the case, patching is insufficient and the panel will need to be replaced.

Water Damage

Depending on its severity and the size of the affected area, water damage may require replacing your drywall panels. If you catch a leak early enough, it’s possible the drywall can simply be dried out and repainted. Discoloration will usually indicate the source of moisture causing the issue.


However, visible bulging and crumbling in the drywall reflects significant water damage. If this occurs, it’s best to call a professional to replace the drywall.


Cracks in drywall usually indicate a misplaced seam. This typically occurs when a seam is placed near the corner of a window or door, creating a weak point that makes the drywall susceptible to the expansion of the door frame or the opening and closing of the door or window.


While you could simply patch over the crack, it won’t solve the underlying problem. A professional can remove the problematic sections and best determine how to evenly distribute the force from the frame when installing the new drywall.


Due to its plaster and paper composition, drywall rarely develops splinters. However, in cases where plywood panels have been used as a substitute, splintering along edges can indicate significant damage. Settling, water damage, rot, or aging materials could all be contributing factors.


If splintering is taking place, old or substitute forms of drywall should be replaced with dependable drywall immediately.

Bumps and Bulges

Bumps and bulges in drywall can suggest swelling from water damage or exposure to excess moisture. As mentioned earlier, discoloration is a sign of water damage. If no discoloration is present, the bumps and bulges could be caused by poor patchwork or house settling. In this case, replacing the panels is necessary.

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