Why Bathroom Renovations Are Valuable

two men in large master bathroom moving a piece of furniture into place together

Despite the relatively small spaces they occupy, bathrooms consume a great deal of homeowners’ attention and design sense. Even a minor bathroom renovation can impact homeowners’ satisfaction as well as a home’s ability to sell. Learn how professional bathroom repair services provide an opportunity to improve your home’s value, incorporate personal style, embrace change, and more.

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Below, we discuss what bathroom renovations can achieve and the value of those changes:

Improve Your Home’s Value

Renovating offers one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. Although not every project provides the same ROI, bathroom remodeling tends to be among the most profitable. Homeowners often recover more than half of the entire cost of a bathroom makeover when they sell their property.

Nevertheless, a valuable renovation requires high-quality workmanship. So, enlist the help of trustworthy home service professionals.

Incorporate Your Style

Professional Bathroom Repair Services in McLean VA

Many people consider bathrooms as personal spaces or places of retreat. Bathroom renovations, then, are a great way to personalize your home. It’s an opportunity to boost functionality and style distinctively.

Even if you have no plans to sell your home, a renovated bathroom can increase your homeowner’s satisfaction. The joy score—or satisfaction in having a more beautiful, useful space—of a bathroom makeover is 9.6/10. This project could bring fresh energy into your home.

Adapt to Novel Circumstances

When it comes time to decide your bathroom’s design and layout, consider how your circumstances may change in the coming years. Will you want space for guests or privacy for yourself? Do you plan on having children?

Keep questions like these in mind as you design your bathroom renovation. Such a project, completed thoughtfully, can adapt and ensure your home facilities suit you and your family for years.

Add Storage

A bathroom renovation can also expand your available storage space. A project can add shelves or cabinets above the toilet or an extra medicine cabinet by the sink. You might add a small shelf in the shower for shampoo bottles and other necessities. Although these renovation ideas seem like small details, they can have a great impact on your bathroom’s functionality.

Conserve Water

A bathroom renovation is a great opportunity to install water-conserving showerheads, faucets, and toilets. Toilets and showers account for about half of a home’s water usage, so water-saving appliances can help you save money on your water bill. Additionally, you’ll help conserve a precious natural resource! Get the advice of professional home service technicians and you won’t have to sacrifice water pressure or other functionality either.

Fix and Prevent Damage

The moisture and humidity bathrooms produce every day create mold, mildew, rot, and decay. Nevertheless, a renovation by a competent professional can fix these issues and may even prevent them in the future.

HB Home Services: Professional Bathroom Repair Services in McLean, VA

From homeowner satisfaction to property value, bathroom renovations are one of the most valuable home improvement projects you can take on. HB Home Services offers expert bathroom repair services and renovation to homeowners near McLean, VA. Our affordable services and quality craftsmanship will maximize your return on investment. Get a free estimate online or call us at (703) 764-0498.