Why Get A New Door Installation Over Summer?

outdoor shot of two story house with two car garage

Installing a new door during the summer is one of the easiest home improvements you can make. If you are looking for simple home improvements to make this summer, replacing your old doors are the perfect project to take on. A door installation provides many benefits such as boosting your home value, security, energy efficiency and more. At HB Home Services in Oakton, VA, our door installation experts can help you choose which door suits your needs best. 


Here is a list of the many benefits you can receive from a new door installation: 

Property Value Boost

Choosing the right exterior door really helps complement a home’s curb appeal. Your front door allows your guests or passerby to develop a first impression of your home. Not only does it boost property value, but if you’re ever looking to sell your home in the future, aspiring homeowners will find your home more desirable. Not to mention they’ll be able to feel at ease that the door is up-to-date and secure. 

Improved Home Security

Exterior doors today are even more secure than they were a few years ago. Thanks to technology, new replacement doors made with fiberglass or steel are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, low maintenance, and come with extra secure locking features to ensure anyone who attempts to trespass doesn’t. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Newer doors, specifically steel and fiberglass, are built in with better insulation aspects like polyurethane foam insulation, bottom rubber sweep, and a weather stripping frame. Since the world is moving toward more energy conserving home features, replacing your old doors with new ones will help retain your heating and cooling in your home, as well as block out the elements, so that your unit isn’t working more than it needs to.  

Enhanced Durability

There are a variety of doors you can choose from such as steel, wrought iron, fiberglass, composite wood, aluminum metal, and hollow core doors. New doors are made with the intention of withstanding against the elements and will be less likely to chip or peel like older wooden doors. The type of door you choose will determine the level of maintenance required for it. 


For instance, wooden doors require repainting or sealing, and steel and fiberglass doors have the capability to hold their shape and size, as they are non-porous and won’t expand or contract throughout the year.  

Reliable & Convenient Door Installation Services in Oakton, VA

With a number of door materials and designs available today, it may be difficult to choose which one will suit your home aesthetic and budget best. At HB Home Services, we offer both interior and exterior doors that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Our door installation services are simple and reasonably priced, so you can depend on us to accommodate your schedule and needs. If you need assistance choosing the right door for your home, get in touch with our experts at HB Home Services today. 


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