Why Window Replace ments are a Great Investment For Your Home

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Whether your windows are damaged, old, or inefficient, you may be looking for a better option. New windows offer easy maintenance, energy efficiency, improved appearance, higher performance, and resale value. Indeed, you can minimize maintenance costs and enjoy immediate and long-term benefits by replacing your windows with a high-quality alternative. Professional window replacement services provide effective installation of high-end windows for your home.

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Below, we outline why window replacements are a great investment for your home:


If you’ve ever experienced foggy or filmy windows, you know how frustrating cleaning them is. In many instances, old or damaged windows won’t shine, no matter how much you clean them. However, new windows have a fresh finish, making them easy to clean.

Furthermore, new window styles offer easy-to-clean designs. For example, you can purchase windows that open inward, making them easier to reach. Save yourself the hassle of moving a ladder outside or spending money on a window cleaning service. 

Energy Efficiency

Inefficient windows release temperature-controlled air, costing you extra money towards your energy bill. Depending on the quality and style of windows you select, you can decrease your energy costs anywhere from 25% to 40%. 

For example, you can prevent lost energy with fixed windows, which don’t open. On the other hand, casement windows use a hinge and crank system to seal tightly after opening. Double-pane windows also provide better insulation than single-pane windows, as they comprise two layers of glass with an air chamber between them. 


Improve your home’s curb appeal and interior design with new windows as well. Windows play a big role in your home’s appearance, taking up nearly 50% of your wall space. You can make your home feel bigger and brighter by adding larger windows.

When choosing windows, consider the perfect shape, pane color, and style. Updated windows can make your entire home look newer by letting in light, adding dimension, and complementing its architecture.


New windows offer optimal performance, shielding your home from outside elements, including moisture, wind, and UV rays. Window seals last 5-10 years, yet even with new seals,

old windows don’t provide the same performance. You’ll also notice less noise and fewer drafts with high-performance windows. 

Additionally, you can increase the comfort in your home with thermal protection frames and coated glass. Thermal protection frames consist of a non-thermally conductive material that separates interior temperatures from exterior temperatures. Low-emissivity glass has an invisible metallic oxide layer that lowers the solar heat gain, daylight transmittance—or light intensity—and glare inside your home.

Resale Value

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Modern windows can last 15-30 years, a much longer lifespan than that of old windows. Moreover, they often include a manufacturer’s warranty that insures their lifespan. Such longevity is beneficial for homeowners who plan to reside in their homes for a while. Conversely, new windows offer greater resale value: up to 85% ROI when selling your home after a window replacement. 

All the above benefits are appealing to potential home buyers looking for home features that will lower their energy bills and required maintenance. Moreover, new windows catch buyers’ eyes inside and outside the home.

Preferred Window Replacement Services in Manassas, VA

HB Home Services installs a variety of window styles, including double-hung, slider, and picture windows. We also offer glass doors and more, so you can achieve a cohesive look throughout your home. Moreover, we provide excellent craftsmanship and customer service to ensure the best window replacement services in Manassas, VA. Contact us at (703) 764-0498 to ask about our financing options.