Why You Should Replace Your Gutters Before Winter Weather Hits

snowy gutters with tree in background

Many homeowners in Northern Virginia know that winter weather can be a nuisance, and gearing up for the season may feel like preparing for battle. Winter requires a fair amount of preparation and some light home maintenance throughout the season, even if all you want to do is stay inside and wait out the cold weather. One item on your winter-prep checklist should be to check and replace your gutters.


It’s always a good idea to routinely clean your gutters of debris at the start of a season, but if your gutters are getting up there in years or you have experienced issues with them before, your safest move may be to have a full replacement. The last thing you want this winter is to deal with water damage inside your home or roof damage on top of everything else you have to get done.


As Northern Virginia gutter installation specialists, we can help you prepare for the winter season with new gutters. Here’s why you should call us for gutter replacement before the first snow fall or ice storm arrives:


Freezing & Refreezing

Nasty precipitation and varying temperatures add up to a lot of freezing, melting, and refreezing. This can cause complications in your gutter, especially if they are clogged. Even if your gutter is completely free of leaves and dirt, water can freeze into ice within your gutters and cause a backup as additional water tries to get through. Too much ice in your gutters can also weigh down on and bend your gutters, causing serious damage. Getting a new, sturdy set of gutters can help diminish these effects and ensure your gutters stay functional all winter long.


Water Damage

With all the incoming wet weather this season, your home has a higher risk of water damage, especially if you have old or damaged gutters. Rain and melting snow mean plenty of water will be passing through your gutters. If your gutters are clogged or are damaged, water may not flow properly through them and safely away from your home. This water may overflow and land too close to your foundation, where it may leak into your basement and do damage. Overflowing water may also damage your fascia and soffit, which compromises your roof’s structural integrity.

Gutter Installation in Northern Virginia: Why You Should Have RainPro Gutters

This winter, make sure your gutters can handle anything the weather throws at you. HB Home Services installs RainPro gutters, which have an innovative design that improves water flow. These gutters have wider bottoms to ensure all water travels safely away from your home. These gutters are built with the heaviest available gauge aluminum to ensure they can handle even the heaviest snowfall or chunks of ice. HB’s home improvement experts can ensure you have gutters that matches your home’s appearance for a seamless look.


HB Home Services offers gutter installation in Northern Virginia. Our team of renovation and repair experts will make sure your home is well-protected from the elements this winter with our RainPro gutters. At HB Home Services, we make your satisfaction our mission and always deliver superior quality work and customer service.


Prepare for winter with our RainPro gutters! Contact us at (703) 764-0498 for gutter installation in Northern Virginia!

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