Why You Should Switch to ENERGY STAR Energy-Efficient Windows This Fall

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Autumn is rapidly approaching, and that means colorful leaves, a new school year, and colder weather. Some of us dread having to turn up our heat, because we know the heat will just get sucked outside, making it chilly indoors and racking up our energy bills. If you and your family had to put on layers and cover yourselves in blankets despite the heat being on last fall, the culprit is most likely your old windows.

Switching to ENERGY STAR energy-efficient windows has a lot of benefits! Here are a few reasons you should prepare for fall with new energy-efficient windows:

ENERGY STAR Energy-Efficient Windows Keep You Warm

Fall hasn’t quite started in full swing yet, and the Northern Virginia region is sure to still have some warm, sunny days for a few weeks, but don’t let this fool you. Remember that crisp air and icy weather are lurking closely behind. Many windows don’t seal in heat as well as they should, which means cooler temperatures indoors and your comfort literally going out the window.

Energy-efficient windows keep the heat inside where it belongs. The frames in these windows are insulated to make sure that no heat escapes, keeping you and your family toasty all winter long. These frames are also built to last long, so you don’t have to worry about a frame breaking or not doing its job. If you don’t want to be cold this fall and winter, replace your old windows with ENERGY STAR energy-efficient windows.


ENERGY STAR Energy-Efficient Windows Save You Money

Just as your heat slips through the window, so too does your money. When heat escapes your home, it requires you to use more inside, which of course means a higher energy bill. Homeowners in Northern Virginia already know how painful paying their energy can be, and many don’t realize that their old windows are the cause of that scary bottom line.

Energy-efficient windows keep your home’s heating or cooling indoors, which means you can use less energy to keep you and your family warm. ENERGY STAR reports that typical homes can save anywhere from $126 to $465 annually when replacing single pane windows and $27 to $111 annually when replacing double-pane windows with energy-efficient windows. Everyone can appreciate having more money in their wallet at the end of every month.


ENERGY STAR Energy-Efficient Windows Mean a Greener Planet

If staying warm and saving money wasn’t appealing enough, ENERGY STAR energy-efficient windows reduces your carbon footprint and helps make the Earth a greener place to live, something we all benefit from. It’s becoming more and more important that we do what we can to heal our planet. Replacing your old windows with energy-efficient windows is a very simple step that can have a big impact. A lower energy cost means—of course—that less energy is being used, which makes for a healthier planet!


ENERGY STAR Energy-Efficient Windows Look Great

Some may fear that better functionality and energy-efficiency may mean a sacrifice in appearance, but energy efficient windows look just as good as regular windows, if not better! Energy-efficient windows can come in a wide variety of styles, like one- or double-pane windows, slider windows, bay windows, and much more. You have so many options available so you can choose the perfect windows to complement your home’s beauty while maintaining energy-efficiency.


Energy-Efficient Window Replacement in Northern Virginia

When you’re in the market for energy-efficient windows, contact HB Home Services! We offer energy-efficient window installation and replacement in Northern Virginia. Our ENERGY STAR rated windows and IntelliGlass products work together to meet and exceed the US Department of Energy’s standards. Our energy-efficient windows will keep you warm and save you money in the upcoming cold weather.

Don’t spend another fall and winter season shivering indoors! Contact us today at (703) 764-0498 for a free estimate!

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