Windows Are Your Spring Must-Do Project

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Window Replacement: Spring’s Must-Have Home Improvement

Your windows have spent most of the winter behind a curtain. Spring is the perfect time to give them the spotlight. Did you know that most double-hung, bay, picture, and other windows may only last 20-40 years, depending on the materials? If your windows are getting drafty or worn-down, it may be time for an upgrade. Consider the benefits of window replacement.

Lasting Benefits of New Windows

New windows can transform the home living experience. They increase comfort levels and contribute to natural lighting. They are also a great investment. Some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to invest in new windows include:

  1. Energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR rated windows can minimize total heat loss by 40%. The amount of savings varies depending on the location of the home, the number of windows, and the location of windows. If you’re searching for ways to save energy, consider the heat loss reduction of high efficiency windows.
  2. Appearance. Windows can add to the aesthetic value of a home both inside and out. A well-placed picture window can highlight beautiful landscaping, allow in natural light, and open up small spaces.
  3. Moisture control. Broken seals, improper installation, and old windows do a poor job of keeping moisture out of the home. Eliminate mold, moisture, and rot from your home with replacement windows.
  4. Resale value. The style, age, and efficiency of windows in a home can affect the project’s return rate, especially compared with other home improvement projects. Consider new windows as a cost-effective renovation choice.
  5. Maintenance. Older windows come with varying levels of maintenance needs. Those tired of difficult-to-clean windows and complex care schedules appreciate the low-maintenance nature of modern and efficient windows.

This spring, open up your home with a window replacement project. Add new windows on a staggered schedule or replace them all at once for a complete indoor/outdoor makeover.