Winterizing Your Home’s Windows

Window Replacement Services Vienna VA

Winter tends to be the season of greatest energy use and waste. Windows, in particular, release 25-35% of the heat home systems produce. To combat this effect, homeowners should winterize their windows and save money on energy bills. A professional window replacement service can do so at affordable prices by adding insulation, caulking, or weather stripping.

HB Home Services provides such services thanks to our team of window installation experts. Our professionals are ready to take on any project that homeowners in Northern VA have for us. Moreover, our highly skilled and experienced team of window technicians offer a customized and professional service experience, wherein top-tier products are installed on budget and on time. Call (703) 764-0498 to learn more about our extensive services.

Below, we discuss how a window replacement specialist can winterize your home’s windows:

Add Insulation

A window technician can add batt or spray-foam insulation to prevent cold air from seeping around your window frames. Adding insulation is one of the most energy-efficient methods of winterizing your windows, and it ensures they remain impermeable during frigid winter months.

Insulation can also help prevent cold air from penetrating through the edges of door frames. While installation may seem like a DIY job, you should hire a knowledgeable window replacement professional to insulate your windows during installation to prevent errors from cropping up due to inexperience.

Incorporate Weather Stripping

Adding weather stripping to windows further protects them from drafts and cold weather. A product made from plastic, metal, foam, or another material, manufacturers design weather stripping to seal cracks around doorways and windows. A certified window specialist can help you determine which weather stripping suits your windows, as numerous kinds exist.

Contact a window professional for help identifying air leaks and assessing your ventilation needs to ensure adequate indoor air quality. HB Home Services has the equipment and knowledge necessary to winterize or replace your windows without a hassle.

Caulk Around Windows

Window Replacement Services Vienna VA

Caulk is a liquid substance that, when dry, seals cracks on or between surfaces. However, it requires skill and careful technique to apply just right, so it’s best to hire a contractor who can get the job done right the first time.

Caulk can be painted over, doesn’t shrink, and doesn’t attract dust and dirt. It can help preserve energy and keep you and your loved ones warm this winter. Plus, installing new windows increases your home’s appeal and value. Home maintenance is always worth the time and effort.

Install Storm Windows

If a simple window replacement won’t cut it, have seasonal storm windows installed instead. They provide wind protection and can be removed when the seasons change.

A window replacement specialist can help you install or take them down. Moreover, they can guide you through the storm window options on the market and help you find something that suits your home.

Reinforce Windows

If you have drafty double-hung windows, a type with two operable sashes that slide up and down, consider reinforcing them. You can better optimize their fit and secure them with two sash locks to keep heat in and cool air out. Moreover, reinforcing your windows makes them more secure.

A window replacement professional can remove the original sash lock and reinstall it so a new sash lock can fit on the other side, about a third of the way down.

Seek Window Replacement Services this Winter in Northern VA

Reinforcing and replacing your windows can improve your home’s interior design and increase its safety. As an added benefit, winterizing your windows reduces the stress of worrying about whether or not you’re wasting energy. HB Home Services has professional window replacement services for Northern VA homeowners that promote energy efficiency and quality customer service. To get started on a new home improvement project, contact us at (703) 764-0498.