Woodbridge Window Replacement

Window Replacement Services in Woodbridge VA

The windows of your home brighten up the rooms, let you see the great view outside, and help maintain your home’s energy-efficiency. Windows are incredibly customizable, available in a wide variety of styles from bay windows to slider windows, and everything in between. When it comes time to give your windows an upgrade, you want the project done efficiently. For a truly customized and professional experience, contact HB Services.

Our Top-Quality Windows and Doors are installed on time and within budget by our highly skilled and experienced team of window installers and replacement window craftsmen. Our professionals care about their work so you can rest assured that your windows and doors are installed properly the first time.

We Replace and Install ENERGY STAR Rated Windows

Everyone wants to save energy. We replace old windows in Woodbridge with highly efficient ENERGY STAR rated windows. One of the biggest advantages to having energy-efficient windows instead of wood-framed windows is their ability to increase your family’s comfort while decreasing your heating and cooling bills. The ENERGY STAR program sets standards to guide consumers in making wise decisions to save energy. As products become more efficient, ENERGY STAR adjusts these standards to reflect improvements in technology.

The next standard for highly efficient windows and patio doors is R5 replacement windows. This increases the threshold for insulating value in windows and doors, creating truly dramatic energy savings. Most windows designed with one of our triple pane glass options, IntelliGlass Plus or IntelliGlass Supreme, will meet or exceed the R5 window standards set by the US Department of Energy. By selecting an R5 product over a basic Energy Star (R3) window, the amount of heat lost through the window may be reduced by up to 40%!


IntelliGlass High-Performance Glass is the Key to Energy Efficiency:

IntelliGlass products are designed to keep your heating or cooling indoors, while keeping the weather outside. Windows designed with IntelliGlass have a lot of key features that increase your home’s energy-efficiency and save you money:

  • Intercept spacer system features patented technology that has protected the energy performance of windows in millions of homes
  • Durable and strong steel structure
  • U channel construction allows spacer to flex with temperature change
  • Warm edge sealant lowers energy bills
  • One piece construction prevents seal failures
  • Grid locking system keeps grids straight and secure
  • Climate-specific soft-coat solar control Low E glass from Guardian manages energy flow with its multi-layer coating, keeping your home very comfortable and efficient.
  • Two microscopic layers of silver reflect heat back to its source, either away from your home in summer or into your home in winter.
  • Titanium dioxide layer protects the silver so it performs for a lifetime.
  • We add inert gas to the space between window panes to reduce convection
  • Argon gas is 37% denser than air. It adds insulating value to both double and triple pane glass units
  • Krypton gas is 240% denser than air. This premium insulator acts like a blanket in triple pane units for the ultimate in energy performance


We are Proud to Offer the Glendale Collection

We partner with Vinylmax Windows to offer the Glendale Collection of windows. Glendale windows are carefully crafted to meet your intended design and aesthetic while maintaining your home’s energy-efficiency and keeping your family comfortable every day.

Glendale Windows are available in double hung, slider, and picture window models, and are incredibly customizable. You can choose your window’s finish, grid style, grid materials, screen, glass type, and more to really make these windows your own. In addition, Glendale windows meet Energy Tax Credit requirements when you select an appropriate IntelliGlass package, which can save you money come tax season.

When you want to replace your windows with a beautiful, carefully-crafted, and durable alternative, choose the Glendale Collection.


We Install a Wide Variety of Windows

HB Services can replace and install many window models! Many homeowners in Woodbridge VA replace their older windows with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a popular choice that are available in a wide range of colors and styles and are virtually maintenance-free once they have been installed. Although these are common window types, there are many other types to explore. We can help you choose the window style that is best for you.

-Double Hung, Slider, and Picture Windows

Double hung, slider, and picture windows are similar in design and energy efficiency. Double hung windows are one of the most traditional window types, featuring two stacked window panes and are usually opened by sliding the bottom panel up or down. Slider windows are also common, and have two panels side-by-side that open by sliding one panel in front of the other. Picture windows consist of only a single pane of glass and do not open at all, designed to give you an uninterrupted view of outside.

Double hung, slider, and picture windows offer many features and advantages that make them perfect for your home:

  • Multi-point fusion welding technology ensures corner integrity and strength.
  • Multi-chambered vinyl frame and sashes are energy-efficient and maintenance-free.
  • Decorative coving and detailing add distinctive beauty, inside and out.
  • Even glass sightline design mimics traditional window styling.
  • Integral ergonomic sash lift handles allow fingertip opening and closing of window.
  • Multiple rows of weatherstripping on frames and sashes reduce air, dust and water penetration.
  • Dual feature sill is sloped for effective water management and pocketed to resist infiltration.
  • Directional weep system channels water away from home’s interior.
  • Compression bulb on bottom sash conforms to sill for watertight seal.
  • Recessed tilt-locks both securely lock window closed, and activate hidden mechanism to release sashes for easy cleaning of both glass surfaces from inside the home.
  • Certified “forced-entry resistant” double night locks limit sash travel for secure ventilation.
  • Adjustment-free stainless steel constant force balances in self-lubricating holder allow whisper-quiet sash operation.
  • Triple-weatherstripped overlap interlock protects against moisture and air.
  • IntelliGlass high-performance insulating glass is available in several double and triple pane configurations to meet individual energy saving needs.


-Custom Casement & Awning Replacement Windows

Casement and awning windows feature one or more panels that swing or open outward, giving the open window a unique angled look. These windows are perfect for most spaces in your home, and have a lot of features and advantages:

  • Fusion welded frame and sash corners are secure, weathertight and never pull apart.
  • Multi-chambered vinyl is energy-efficient, maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime.
  • IntelliGlass high-performance insulating glass is available in several double and triple pane configurations to meet individual energy saving needs.
  • Double compression seals create a water and weather-tight seal around the entire opening.
  • Maximum strength operating hardware effortlessly handles the weight of even the tallest sashes with smooth, quiet operation.
  • Crank handle subtly nests into the operator housing to prevent interference with window treatments.
  • Sashes open a full 90˚ for both maximum ventilation and for cleaning both sides of the glass from inside the home.
  • Multi-point locking system secures the sash tightly into the frame in several locking locations with a single lever.
  • Color-matched screen features a sturdy aluminum frame and UltraVue screen mesh.
  • Available styles: one, two and three lite casements, one and two lite awnings, fixed lites.


-Bay Window Replacement

Bay Windows are beautifully designed, wide windows that really brighten up the room. They’re perfect for incorporating a window seat or providing a great view of your backyard from your kitchen. Out bay windows are designed with many features to make them an excellent window replacement option:

  • Custom designed and manufactured to fit your home.
  • Color-matched, weatherproof PVC exterior.
  • Double hung, casement or fixed windows.
  • Hand-selected 1-1/4″ furniture-grade birch or oak.
  • Solid Timberstrand mullion construction.
  • Veneer-banded edges.
  • 6″ threaded lag-bolt construction.
  • Eyebolt anchors and concealed cable support system.


Optional Features:
  • Superior R9 insulated seat.
  • Ultimate R21 insulated seat P.
  • Refinished external knee braces.
  • Laminated or Corian interior.
  • Pre-stained interior.
  • Low voltage recessed lighting.
  • 3-1/2″ colonial casing.
  • Available Configurations: 30˚ bay, 45˚ bay, box bay, Bay flanker sizes 17″, 21″ or 28″, 3 lite bow, 4 lite bow, 5 lite bow, garden window.
  • Roof Options: hip-style or concave, shingle, painted metal, copper clad, copper patina.


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